Friday News!!

Esta semana ha sido tan intensa y emocionante que el Informe de los Viernes sale el Domingo a altas horas de la madrugada… HIPCH!@#  pero no defrauda… ya que tal y como os prometimos, los Viernes son nuestros. La Revolucion esta orgullosa de poder contar con el apoyo, y la experiencia, de hombres como Vincent Prat, la cara detras del fantastico diario Southsiders MC, y uno de los grandes fotografos del mundo del estilo y la velocidad. Brindemos por ello!
This week’s Friday News will be out on Sunday AM… AUCH! too many things goin on,  and posting is getting tougher!!@#$%  … but… we’re very happy to announce that we will count with one of France’s  Finest  Speed-Gent supporting our cause! Vincent, the man behind the Great Southsiders MC movement & photographer extraordinaire, (who has one of the best eyes for capturing the beauty of the Moto World),  has decided to back our track. Cheers on that!
El Garage de MM  ya esta dando sus frutos y es una pasada ver como la diversidad de los inscritos y sus motos es un orgullo en tierras del austero Galgo Español. Con tan solo unas semanas de vida ya contamos con 16 fieros luchadores. ALEA JACTA EST!
We are also very happy that The Garage has already started hosting our adventures and is performing rather well on its first week. THX!!! As for the inscriptions we already count with 16 Motorcycles and watching their diverse origins and styles is overwhelming! ALEA JACTA EST!!!
Also exciting to see how well  Ossas, Xts, SRs, Ducatis… etc… mix together! Here you have a sneak preview of what is going in The Garage:

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Tambien nos gustaria agradeceros a todos aquellos que estais ayudando a agrandar y extender la difusion de la revolucion monocilindrica. Gracias amigos!#1
Also d’like to thank all of you that are trying to help, in order to widen the scope of this modest happening, making us feel at home everywhere we go. Cheers amigos!#1

We might be few but we’ll burn it down!
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