DB (ElSolitarioMC)

DB: I created ElSolitarioMC in late 2009 after moving back to Spain from the U.S. without really knowing what I was doing or the repercussion that it would soon have. The name came mocking my prejudice that in Lone Spain nobody was doing my thing, so I guess I felt quite isolated. I always loved going fast and Vintage Motorcycles and the blog thing just seemed sort of natural after a good friend suggested the idea. I thought of it, like an instrument to organize & share, with my buddies, the endless collection of antique photographs and old stories,  gathered over the years. I’ve always been surrounded by old bikes and its culture, but surprisingly, the Winning Loser was my first go at fully building one from scratch. Owoaah I had fun! Now I can’t stop taking shoots at at the building craze. Right now, I’m hunting for a late Ducati 1000SS to turn into a street rocket and a Bultaco Lobito to play around. Events like the MM is what we need in Spain, to develop a proper Biker Culture formed by smart Individuals trying to regain the respect we deserve from our clumsy authorities (This, I doubt!). In my garage have a couple of old Harleys, a ’69 Triumph Racer and a 70’s Beemer which is the ultimate grocery getter… Oh! and the Winning Loser sitting in my living room!

… Whiskey?

… please,

on the rocks with soda!