Since very early age and thanks to my older brother Siscu, my blood has always been contaminated with what today are my biggest passions: dogs & motorcycles (!of course after my family!!). Breeding Staffordshire Bullterriers for 12 years has given me many rewards, like Winning the Spanish Championship but it was then, when I realized that now, it was time for more motorcycles! My last pain, is a bitchy 1977 Kawasaki KZ400  which since Day 1 hasn’t given me nothing more than grief… but I am a perseverant guy and will not succumb until I make her tight. Now she is dismantled in the garage getting a mandatory full rebuild. Wandering the Cafe Racer 09 Forum,  rambling for parts and advice, I met Pery from Cream Motorcycles, who was looking for a small bike to build for his lady. That is when the little Yamaha SR250 crossed our paths. Simple, cheap and abundant in Spain. Suddenly I had a crush with the tiny single cylinder! Well…  that was the origin of the 1st Metamorfosis Masiva Bike Build Off. Naturally if you’re reading this, you know that by now the MM outgrew us individually into something bigger, wider! for all of us to enjoy. Last year was awesome as I had the opportunity to build my first ground up bike for the MM1, The Eggsy, and the reward of seeing you all, enjoying the experience of transforming the same motorcycle, in far away parts of the country but always sharing and supporting each other!!! This could be heaven!!!

… Beers? Of course!

… cold direct from the bottle in my garage!