The 1st Edition

Traduccion al español en camino… perdon!@#$% … (Nota del Traductor: ya llevamos 2 meses sin cobrar!@#$%… jijijiji…)

The 1st Edt. of the MM contest was held in Madrid on February 2011. With originally 23 inscriptions filed, only 7 made it to Madrid, but we know of at least 5 other bikes that were ready to show… Be aware newcomers, because those that couldn’t reach Madrid last year, for one reason or another, are shouting for revenge on the MM-2, so things could get rough!

All the bikes presented on the MM-1 ended up being faithful portraits of their builder personality. It was rather amusing to see how, although all shared the construction process details, the results were strikingly different!

Pery hosted the event in his Garage (Cream MCs), and presented the Just for Girls. Built with TLC for his girl Juliana. His SR showed classy and versatile.

ElSolitarioMC presented the radical Winning Loser, a timeless mini-rocket built all in sheet metal, which made it around the globe.

Sun-t, the man behind the idea of the MM, proudly presented the Eggsy. This cheeky urban guerrilla motorcycle was by her own rights standing on its own.

Toro is a risk taker and presented the All in 8 Black. Among the most radical builds in the contest, she sported a heavily modified frame, following the trends set by the best japanese builders.

Our dear friend Many brought to Madrid La Gran Chatarra. This beautifully conceived cafe racer, looking light and mean, proved to all that the notion: less is more, is stronger than ever.

Jose Antonio is a living legend on spanish roads and founder of the CafeRacer09 forum. He presented the The Little Sister which sat respectfully as the mother of all SR present.

Lucellos and his Ahamay “Bobber” built for his wife Olga, spiced the lot with high ape hangers bars sporty tank and a cool fish tail pipe. A lot of genius behind that chopper.

More than 200 persons showed up to see the bikes and meet the builders, but it wasn’t really about the quantity, but the quality, of the forum that was outstanding!  We, The People, hanged out until late, soaked in Tequila & Rum, watching how the spell of freedom captured our souls. This spirit is what encouraged the movement, we would later call, The Single Cylinder Revolution!

As Gil Scot Heron once shouted: The Revolution will not be televised! So get out and chop that ol’ bastard!

Great footage edited by Kristina G. Fender around her photographs that will give you an insight of what went on that day @ Cream MCs Garage.

2 Responses to The 1st Edition

  1. Caín says:

    Sin animo de ser chovinista ni cateto pero por que esta ingles ¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿ 😦
    Síc utere tuo ut alíenum non laedas…

  2. edu says:

    apuesto a que está en inglés para que lo entienda un número mayor de fans de todo el mundo.

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